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 • Through our station are all SWS stallions available.
 • Sperm can only be ordered by telephone before 9.00.
 • Order sperm only by calling Carolyn de Roo - Kooiman.
 • By shipping of sperm to other stud farm the shipping will be fully charged.
 • Veterinary supervision by the permanent veterinarian President Stallions.
 • Veterinary costs are directly calculated to the mare owner.
 • Mares that come to our station should be vaccinated against influenza and tetanus.
 • Stable costs for a mare without foal is € 8.00 per day, € 10.00 per day with foal.
 • At the first insemination, a copy of the registration paper of the mare be supplied.
 • Statement not pregnant of the veterinarian must be submitted before October 1.
 • In the first insemination the no pregnant fee must be payed.
 • Inseminations will be done under the terms of the Union of Stallion Owners.
 • All prices are excluding VAT and contributions.
 • Stud Farm President Stallions accepts no liability for damage, disease and / or injury to
   people, animals, transportation, etc. in business as well as during transport.

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